A Long Overdue Letter to a Lost Friend

Whether anybody reads this or not, it doesn’t matter. It’s home is through the meadow and into the mist. And that is where it needs to be.

Thank you for being there for me when I needed you.

Thank you for being my soul-sister.

Thank you for staying up late talking out problems I could only discuss with you; you always made me feel better.

Thank you for laughing with me, for crying with me. For understanding me and not being like the rest of them; for not making fun.

Thank you for being my second half.

Thank you for being you. You were true. You were real. You were all I knew, and all I had. You made me who I am today, and I am forever grateful.

And I’m sorry I didn’t call.

I’m sorry I didn’t try harder to reach out to you, to connect, to be with you.

I’m sorry I didn’t visit.

I’m sorry I never told you how much I enjoyed having you around, and how good of a friend you were to me.

I’m sorry for not setting a good example. For not being a good enough friend.

I’m sorry things were left on a bad note.

I wish things turned out differently. I wish I still knew you.

I wish we were together, laughing, crying, dancing, playing.

I wish you let me know you were done. That it was over.

I wish I didn’t “wish” because I know things are the way they are, and that is that. We grew apart as life delicately planned for us.

So instead I am grateful. I am grateful for you and for our time together. I am grateful for what we had; it was more special to me than you know.

It’s time to forgive myself, my actions, my ways. Time to give myself the hug I’ve always longed for and needed from you.

It is time for me to tell you that I will always love you. You were my best friend and the sister I never had.

It is time to finally let the past be the past.

And it is time to let you go, to move on, because I know that you have already done the same for me.

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