On Wearing A Mask and Giving Our Power Away

I came across a post about why it is important to wear masks. Why wouldn’t you want to wear a mask if you know it will save other people? I couldn’t help myself to respond because, well, there is just too much to say in response to this. Unfortunately, my response was triggered and it didn’t come off as I wanted it to in the moment. So I decided to write it as best I could with what I believe to be true.

The first reason is because your perceived safety, is not my responsibility. This does not mean I don’t care about other people or animals or the environment. We are our own people with our own responsibility of keeping ourselves safe and healthy. We can suggest what we believe is right, but in the end it is up to you to decide. And you cannot expect me to do something that directly violates my rights as a human being for your “safety,” ever, but especially when what you are asking is not backed by science and research. The entire idea of germ theory, is just that, a theory. The methods used for isolating viruses are not scientifically sound.

In the end, only you can help heal yourself and keep you safe by educating on what you believe to be true. If you rely on others to keep you safe, like a child that has never grown up, you will remain in victim mode and be powerless over your own state and health.

Secondly, the size of a virus particle is exponentially smaller than the size of your mask pores, specifically the cloth masks and bandanas everyone is being told is an adequate protection. In other words, masks don’t work to do what you want them to, and furthermore, there is no research to show a mask for a healthy individual does anything to prevent disease for another, but may even do the opposite.

Third, breathing in exhaled CO2 is detrimental for our health. When we close off our faces and limit fresh air, we are doing more harm to our bodies than we are trying to prevent. Should I forgo my own health for your false sense of security? Put simply, I trust my body’s ability to heal and be well without the need to cover my face. It is not my duty to succumb to your fear based measures because you don’t trust your body’s ability to handle bacteria and other pathogenic agents.

The fourth reason: What ever happened to allowing our immune systems to deal with these pathogens, bacteria, and viruses naturally so we build immunity to them? If most people are asymptomatic, that means most people are handling it very well, right? In fact, it’s just another way of saying we are already healthy. And to maintain health I want a whole plethora of bacteria and germs because my body is strong and able to handle them, in fact it makes me stronger and smarter to work among these “enemies”. Perhaps we will come to understand disease as a very natural adaptation in a healthy individual.

You don’t care about old and weak people’s health! Your selfish! Just because I am not reducing my standard of living for your idea of safety, doesn’t mean I don’t care about old and weak immune-compromised individuals. In fact, I might suggest if these people are really concerned about their health, they are free to stay home, locked away, scrubbed clean and sanitized if that makes them feel better. But let’s remind ourselves, cleanliness does not necessarily equate to health in the body. The more our bodies experience, the stronger they become.

Number five, my human rights include choosing what I put on my body no. matter. what. This includes any deemed “state of emergency”. Your damn right I won’t give up my rights and my freedom and be forced to wearing a mask that has not been proven effective. In fact, I believe it makes you sicker. Not just physiologically but emotionally as well. We are no longer able to see the smiling faces of strangers, and we all now live with a cloud hovering over our heads everywhere we go. Uncomfortable, anxious, and afraid of everyone and everything we come in contact with. Is this really a healthy way to live?

The final reason comes down to: when the death toll is lower than 1 percent, it becomes evident that this is not about a virus. This is about increased control of the masses. This is about separating human beings from each other, and reinforcing the fear based mindset so we all rely on the powers that be to save us, so they can continue to gain power and money. In effect we lose our freedom and become victims to these entities. But we are not victims if we claim our own power and stop giving it away to authorities and other people. And if I can be one person to go against the grain when it comes to mandating some absurd order NOT based on science, then your damn right I will to protect my human right and sovereign being which in turn protects all of humanity’s.

We are not cattle. We are human beings. And we have the right to choose what we do with our bodies and our lives. Once we allow other people to dictate what we should do with our sovereign selves, then we have given up what it means to be human, and we have failed the generations to come after us.

There is another way. We can reclaim our power by trusting our bodies ability to heal. We can love one another despite our differences, and not be afraid to come close to each other. We long for connection and community. Don’t you see, this is how we heal! This is who we are! Not by covering our faces, and shouting at each other through social media platforms on who is right and who is wrong. Not by limiting who gets to post what they want when they want. We should be free to do our own research and make our own judgements on what is best for each of us. It is in this individual power where we can come together and evolve.

Let’s remind each other how amazing our bodies are at healing. Let us remind each other what it means to be healthy. By getting adequate sunshine, clean water, good food, movement, emotional stability, and limit of toxic exposures. Let’s lift each other up, not bring each other down! Life isn’t a race to the end, trying desperately to prove you’re better than another. And life certainly isn’t about cheating death. In fact, death comes precisely when it means to and is likely more beautiful and precious than any of us could possibly know. By running from it, we strip if of it’s divinity and beauty.

This change in perspective does not happen by wearing a mask and reinforcing a fear-based living. In fact, this way of life, subservient and following the guidelines of officials rather than listening to your own innate wisdom is the “normal” we really shouldn’t go back to. This old way says you do not value your own bodily sovereignty. If you don’t care about your own body and your own rights, how can you say you care about other people’s?  Because we are all one, it starts with each of us. By me taking a stand for my health, my freedom, and my body, I am paving the way for others to find within themselves to do the same. And there we can create how we really want our future to look.

The world is in a major shift right now, that much is clear. Where we decide to go from here, well that depends on each of us and our choices. Will you choose to live in fear, afraid of death, of the next pathogen, of any person you come in contact with, and of your own body? Or do you choose to bring out your highest potential, recognizing the divine healing ability within you and every body on this earth, trusting in the power that animates the living world? I know my choice, and I will continue to strive for that future. So we can come together and hug and kiss and share stories and be in community. We can heal together if we give up on the narrative that was spoon fed us. But you must find it within yourself, dear one. Morpheus isn’t here to give you a red pill. No one but yourself can set you free.

You’ve got this.

I highly recommend further reading from clinicians, researchers, and health experts, here: https://questioningcovid.com/

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