Life Lessons from A Cat

Watching my cat as she sleeps so soundly next to me, teaches me about rest. Take time to give herself deep rest. Not quite asleep, but laying silently still. The steady breathing in and out. There is no need to force the breath, but just allow it to happen. Effortlessly and elegantly.

The rumble of her purring as it heals her soul reminds me about healing. She teaches me that my body is a self-healing organism. I have everything I need inside, as she does.

When she wakes, she stretches. First her arms, then her entire body moves in a wave as each and every part is woken up; gently. She reminds me to stretch; to awaken my body slowly but thoroughly. Never trudging through an aching moment, she feels her body and acts on it’s every need.

As she walks so delicately across the room, she reminds me to be mindful of my steps. Never taking a step she doesn’t mean, I can replicate her movement by carefully feeling the ground with every sense of my foot; barefoot and grounded.

In her moments of play, she reminds me to stay young and agile. Even in the most serious of moments, she approaches with spunk and humor. Emotions like stress simply don’t exist for her because there is nothing happening that shouldn’t. Everything is perfect. Everything is right. And so we laugh and play and enjoy. She reminds me to access my childish nature even in the most serious of times.

As she uses her rough tongue to clean her entire coat, I am humbled once again. I am reminded about self-care and self-love in the most simple of ways. She teaches me to care for myself, minimally, and fully; just as nature intended. I learn that good things take time and presence.

Out in the wild, her majestic beauty is intoxicating. She teaches me to stay true to myself; stay true to nature. As she prowls through the grass, I am reminded of a goddess; one with power and grace. Always strong and innately wild, she can access this wolf deep within. I remember my own wild self.

In the softest of moments we spend cuddled together, she shows me love and kindness. Reaching her paw out just to touch, she teaches me connection and compassion. It is in these moments I am filled with pure joy and gratitude.

And as she nuzzles in my neck on a cool rainy day, or curls up in my arms in the stillest of moments, we teach each other the most important lesson: the moment is now. Cherish it with all your heart and soul.

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