Living the Simple Life

I’m going to be real with you. I haven’t been publishing blog posts or on social media so much, because well it has felt better not to. Some days I’d have the inspiration to write an article, but then be too meticulous about how it reads and scrap it. Other days I’d take a picture of a pretty plate of food with the intention of publishing it somewhere, but then get caught up in the ebbs and flows of life. It’s okay, I’m not upset, and I hope you aren’t either; lately I have just been called to do other things.

To be honest, my schedule isn’t filled with all the “healthy” things you might expect. My routine is not consistent and every day looks different. I haven’t done yoga in a long time. My drive to create new and interesting recipes has somewhat faded away. And the reason is because I’ve been enjoying the simple things. Making a cup of coffee. Eating a bowl of yogurt with some fresh, seasonal, local fruit and my staple homemade granola. Part of my brain nags at me and says I need to be doing something more productive, but then I feel a sense of calm and security in the fact that I don’t. It feels good not to. The simple pleasure of enjoying this, right now, is all I need.

I think sometimes in today’s world we try to so hard to be more. Whether it be more healthy, more productive, more zen, more whatever-you-feel-you-need-at-this-moment, we all try too hard. Maybe the act of NOT doing something, will bring us closer. Perhaps we need to let go to really get where we want. To understand that maybe what we need is already here, and always has been.

I think we can return to this homeostasis, this balance, by simply letting go. By not trying so hard to get there, we stumble upon it.

I’m coming to realize the less I try to create some set schedule of what others may deem a healthy and productive lifestyle, the better I feel. By listening to my own needs and simplifying my days, I am rebelling from the modern world of never-ending to-do lists. Where at every turn we are ushered to complete something, change something about our life for the “better” or be someone other than ourselves. Instead, I am marveling at the magnificence of my life as it presents itself now. I am appreciating who I am now without feeling the need to change. I am discovering my authenticity.

It’s funny because nothing crazy has shifted. I didn’t move away or get a new job. I didn’t start a new workout regimen or diet. I’ve been spending more time outside and in turn my mindset has shifted. When in nature, life just starts making sense because we realize how much more we are.

Slowly but surely my deep desires became apparent. The material things I thought I really wanted kind of disappeared. Instead I realized I already have everything I could possibly need. A deep breath in nature was all it took to fill me with joy and unconditional love.

I continue to spend time outside doing nothing more than just being there. And it’s been glorious. Just to sit quiet in the grass listening to the birds. Eyeing up wild vegetation as possible edible treats. I’ve been finding joy in the simple pleasures of outdoor life. Enjoying the beauty of nature and being one with it is so refreshing. There is no one you need to be but yourself. Nothing to control, but just let go and surrender.

It is becoming clear to me, the purpose of my life right now is to find pleasure in the simple things. To spend time outside just being me. Releasing all need for control. I believe by simplifying our lives from the hustle and bustle, we create the space to invite more love into our life.

Can you imagine what the world would look like if we all loved our selves and our lives just a little bit more? Oh the possibilities are truly endless!

We all have within a deep longing to be loved. Let us give that to each other. To ourselves. To all the living things we exist with. And then let’s just see what happens. I’ll bet something truly extraordinary.

Now excuse me as I go listen to the birds. I invite you to do the same.

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