Be Here Now

As I sit outside sipping my coffee with coconut cream on this beautiful fall equinox, I realize something:

Life is truly something extraordinary. It is wonder and beauty and love all in one. And we get to be part of it all; growing and changing, learning and adapting.

If we can just let things flow, without trying to alter or skew anything, we can see how effortlessly it all works out.

Days like today are how I learn to let go. I realize that everything is happening, and I’m just part of the ride. There is nothing I need to do or fix. I only need to just be, and that is enough.

What would it take for you to wake up, as you are, and be content with your situation? There is nothing we must change; all is perfectly imperfect. Perhaps if we can learn this simple act, the stress that accompanies trying to control everything will melt away.

Try it for a second: Close your eyes. Take a deep breath in through your nose, and slowly out your mouth. Listen to your surroundings. Birds are chirping, wind is blowing, trees are rustling. Check in with yourself. How are you feeling? I think it’s possible to dissolve any conflict arising inside us, by just allowing ourselves to be here now.

For now, let’s not try to plan out the day. Things that need to get done will happen, but for now, let’s just sit here and enjoy the moment in it’s entirety. Relax your body and melt into your chair as you appreciate this day you have ahead of you. Isn’t it wonderful?

We all have bad days and good days. Both are quite alright and part of the wave we ride. No matter the day you are having today, let’s sit with it and enjoy what it has to offer without trying to alter or change it, or wishing for something else. Just enjoy it. Enjoy yourself. Enjoy your life with all it’s quirks and pleasantries. Enjoy your surroundings and this very moment in time. Ahhh, that is what I like to call home.

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