Sometimes in order to receive, we must let go. In order to allow things to unfold naturally, we must stop resisting the tide. To surrender to life’s mysteries means to see all of the events happening in our lives, good and bad, and appreciate what they have to offer. We must first understand that to let go of our perceived control makes space for healing to occur.

I’ve learned a lot over the passed few months, and it has not been short of hard truths. I’ve learned it is far too easy to take simple daily pleasures for granted. That life comes with things to be grateful for every single moment, but we don’t see it because we are always looking for something more.

Life for me lately has been tough, but it also has taught me to see the beauty in the smallest of pleasures.

The quiet moments I spend making coffee.

The few minutes I get to plant my bare feet on the soft grass.

A subtle smile from a loved one.

A delicious home cooked meal.

A long hug or kiss. A powerful “I love you”.

Time spent stretching my body; something others are not so fortunate to appreciate.

Conversations filled with laughter with family, friends.

It is in these moments fulfillment and gratitude is found. Not in the next new thing or move. Right now snuggled up with your cat as the cool wind blows in through the open window.

Sometimes we forget to appreciate these things as we get swept up in our day to day life. And sometimes we get reminded in not so pleasant ways that it is in these moments we can cherish and fall back in love with ourselves; with the world around us just as it is.

How do we surrender to the present moment? By allowing it to be with us right now instead of brooding over the past or awaiting the future. To surrender means to release the need for a certain outcome, and just flowing with the changes as they come. Not judging them. Not wishing them to be different. Appreciating these changes as part of your life.

Once we can surrender to our selves, to life as we know it to be here and now, we make space for growth, healing, and love to pour in.

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