Warm Blueberry Compote

Oh the blueberry! I must say my favorite fruit is blueberries. I remember as a young child traveling to an island of blueberries; where one could eat as many as they possibly desired-truly a dream come true as a kid. It’s a vague yet lovely memory that I keep with me every time I indulge in this beautiful fruit. When in-season and fresh, they are delightful atop yogurt or any breakfast bowl. On the other hand frozen blueberries are my go-to for quick smoothies and desserts. This recipe I used frozen blueberries, only because I didn’t have any other. But feel free to use fresh blueberries if you have them as that will yield a more lively constitution.

Here I decided to mix in some cardamom because I’m loving everything cardamom now a days. You may sub out with cinnamon, ginger, fennel, etc. depending on your desired flavor. Vanilla just seemed appropriate, as I put it in most of my sweet creations. A little lemon juice to bring in the tartness, some chia seeds to thicken, et voila! This took me all of 5 minutes to prepare, and in the end I had warm compote to add to my yogurt bowl (with oatmeal would be wonderful too!) If you don’t use it all right away, or want to make some in advance, store in the fridge for when you are ready to indulge.


You Will Need

1/2 cup blueberries (fresh or frozen)

1 tsp chia seeds

1/8 tsp vanilla extract

dash cardamom (can be substituted with cinnamon, ginger, or fennel for different flavors)

squeeze lemon juice

What to Do

1. Heat a small pan over low heat.

2. Add blueberries and allow to get warm enough to mash.

3. Mash blueberries with potato masher or fork until mushy but still a bit chunky.

4. Add vanilla, cardamom, lemon, and chia seeds. Stir to combine and allow to cook just for a few minutes or until warm. Turn off flame and let cool slightly.

5. Use immediately atop your yogurt or oatmeal for a warm version, or save in fridge for later as a cooler version.


Blueberry Compote Yogurt Bowl (pictured)

Add your favorite yogurt to a bowl. Top with a couple scoops of blueberry compote, almond butter, and turmeric buckwheat granola. Enjoy!

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