Colorado Energy and A.W.E

We planned this trip to Colorado one week in advance. We reserved for the A.W.E. seminar, booked our flights, and were ready to experience the full energy this weekend had to offer. Well, life never turns out how you expect it to, and this weekend was no different.

There was a lot we learned, plenty of beautiful and wild things we saw, but nothing compared to the time spent in that room with Donny Epstein, and 40 other strangers. The energy we felt was unreal. But I’m not here to talk about the energy. That is something you will have to experience on your own. I’m here to talk about the philosophies we took away from it. My hope is, if even just a little bit, to bring you into the world I have now come to recognize and love. This world full of potential that is just waiting for us to understand it. The main points I took away, I am going to try to explain as best I can. Sit with them for a minute. Meditate with them. Once you are able to fully understand, begin putting them into practice. My belief is, if understood and utilized, these tips can change our lives.

It’s all an illusion. All the anxious, negative, worrisome thoughts. All the stress, uncertainty, and fear for the future. None of it is real. It is simply our projection and perception of how the world should or shouldn’t be; how we should or shouldn’t act. Allow those negative thoughts to come and make yourself one with it. You don’t need to reject it, but instead join with them. Then you can begin to live your life understanding the illusion of it all. And what is actually real: joy, love, oneness, laughter, fun, will slowly start to take it’s place

Everything happens for a reason. They didn’t make this cliche up for nothing. When you realize all the worrisome thoughts you had before are an illusion, then you can finally accept the idea that it is all meant to happen this way, and can become one with it. Your journey is happening exactly as it needs to for you to learn what you need to on this earth. If you have not learned from an illness, misfortune, or disastrous event, then these things will cycle back and continue to affect you. Only when you learn from the events happening can you finally break free from them and move forward into a higher energy state. So the next time you miss your bus, forget lunch, did not take out the garbage; remember there is no point in stressing about it (the illusion), because it was meant to happen that way, for something greater to fill it’s place. Then you can allow life to unfold in front of you, rather than trying too hard to create something that is not there.

Life should not be taken so seriously. If there was anything I took away from this weekend, it would be that everything works better with a smile. You look better with a smile, and we don’t have to take it all so seriously. When you lay down to prepare for meditation, giggle a little. Have fun with it. If we lose the seriousness, then things simply become easier and more enjoyable. Bring yourself back to being a child and imagine what they would have thought of the situation that appears to be so serious. Let go and simply allow it to be, preferably in a joyful state.

We are one. There is no such thing as separate beings, separate objects. You. Me. Him. Her. It. No, it is we. We are all together in this life. The illusions you have, you are one with those. The people you surround yourself, and the strangers across the globe, are all part of us in some way. The sooner we understand that, the better off we’ll be. Once enough of us become a collective, rather than trying to fight each other to be our own separate beings, great things begin to happen. And we can experience a shift in consciousness that is so longingly ready to occur.

Change occurs once we value. We cannot change what we do not value. If there is a person in our life, an event we are giving negative energy towards, instead of trying to change it, let’s simply value it; truly and completely. Once we place that strong, positive energy towards it, it will begin to change without us having to do anything. Things in our life that we didn’t like, will soon become enjoyable. People we dislike, will quickly be people we enjoy spending our time with. But first we must let go of the hatred and the negativity. We must let go of our ego. Let go of anger, jealousy, mistrust, hatred, spite, and any of the feelings that are no longer serving us, and instead fill ourselves with love, joy, trust, companionship, togetherness, life. We can guide our lives in the direction we ultimately want it to go, but in order to do that, we must let go of the guidance all together for it will pave it’s own path.

What we have not learned from, will never go away. Things and events come in to our lives for a reason. They are here to teach us something. We are all here on this planet to learn from those things. If we do not learn from an event, person, sickness, etc., they will continue to come back and plague us until we do. And learning requires no effort on your part, simply an open mind, and an open heart.

Incorporating these things is not easy, and it shouldn’t be. If it was easy, it would be no fun! It takes practice and commitment. Your mind will fight because it is used to thinking in a certain way for your entire life. Allow yourself to become one with the illusions, the people, the earth; trust in the process as we know there is a bigger plan; have fun with it because life is not as serious as we make it out to be; and value all that we don’t. Once this happens, and enough of us are on board, there will be a shift. This shift, however, is completely determined by the collective; we cannot do this alone. Let’s join together. Let’s help each other. Life is not a race because there is not one ultimate destination. It is a journey, an adventure, a joyful, loving, and heart-filled experience, and it is time we wake up and join each other in this wonderful excursion.

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